Two Poems

One of these two poems won me a nation contest at age thirteen. It should have been around 1985. It was a She-Ra contest. Both these poems were entered so I have no clue which one they picked.


You bring me a rose my love

a symbol of what could be

as time passes I realize that things aren’t quite what they should be


You show me the light,

but yonder lies the darkness

and like the rose I begin to wilt

can you not see? As the rose dies so does

a part of me, my love.

only sadness and sorrow is now what passes within me.

I am now branded forever with the memories of misery,

and like that rose you one day

presented to me,

It died and along with it me.

I now know it never could be.


There is a star of light, one of fantasy

one I always dreamed of

one that never should be

she makes and breaks both destiny

between both worlds fighting

there she will and shall always be

she brings light and hope living in dreams

the child is born and named Star Irene

she lives between the war and she is

the piece between.

the piece that always lived in my

fantasy, and now it comes to light

the Star is my destiny.






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