Family is the Best Teacher of All

Family is very important because it teaches you many qualities in life. You can become a better person by learning from family members’ mistakes. Members of your family are the biggest role models a child will ever have because they learn honesty, patience, and courtesy. The mishaps that occur on a daily bases to family members, teach many things; how to get along with others, patience in times of stress, and even ways to help you financially.

The first thing a family always teaches their children is how to get along with their siblings. You learn at an early age how to get along with others, or your peers will simply exclude you. Everyone at one time or another has shared that experience. Your learn that getting along with others has many rewards such as friendships. Having a best friend, or even playing in games, help individuals realize the importance of courtesy.

Most patient people in the world learn that art from their family. Their family probably had patience with them, or they didn’t and that taught them the error of their parents’ ways. At an early age most kids learn that in times of stress being impatient just doesn’t work well. It is just easier to be patient and that alone eases stress. I personally can remember many cases that taught me that being impatient just does not pay in the long run. Watching my mother taught me those things.

Family teaches children in many ways how to be good financially. They see how their parents worked really hard for their money. For example, I remember my mother once told her boss, where to stick it. After that we were broke for a while. She told me never to quit a job unless you have another one lined up. That made sense to me. I never repeated the mistake that she once made. You can  also learn that going to school and getting a good jog is the best thing. If your father still works at Wall-Mart, at aged eighty-five, your may realize that.

Learning from mistakes, is the best thing that can ever happen because it makes everyone who they are today. There are many rich rewards that can be gained by your family. Friendship, patience, and honesty are just a few rewards that can be gained by having a family. Appreciate having a family because they teach each other many useful things in life.



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