Napoleon and the Chihuahua Dog

Whenever reading books, looking over Internet sites, or just talking to individuals, everyone praises the name of Napoleon Bonaparte. “He was emperor of the French who consolidated and institutionalized many reforms of the French Revolution. One of the greatest military commanders of all time, he conquered the larger part of Europe and did much to modernize the nations he ruled.” No one will ever talk about the vile things of Napoleon. He was a short, brown haired, womanizing tyrant, and a dog, so let me show the similarities between him and a Chihuahua.

A Chihuahua is a breed of a small toy dog of Asian origin and introduced into Mexico by Spanish settlers. It stands about five inches high at the shoulder and weighs from one to six pounds. They have mean personalities and are your basic (loud snarling) dog. The Chihuahua has a short, close-lying brown glossy coat which is similar to Napoleon’s brown wavy hair. Also, they share the same eye color of muddy, dull, brown. in fact, both are short, mean tempered, and overbearing. Napoleon as an individual had many faults. Therefor, you should be informed of them.

Napoleon, an evil mean spirited man, was considered a tyrant. He created a law that said, any woman wearing high healed shoes in his presence, would be put to death. Having two wives, a dozen courtesan, and paramours, he was also considered a womanizer. He divorced his first wife, Josephine, and then for political gain, married the Habsburg archduchess Marie Louise, daughter of the “Austrian emperor. Most of his bed partners found themselves in his room, not wanting to be there, but the way the world was back then, there was no escaping because women did not matter.

Napoleon is now extinct, unfortunately, there are millions of chihuahuas. So every time you see a Chihuahua think of Napoleon. Just close your eyes and think about the qualities they both share. From the mean looking face, to the dull brown hair and eyes (remember the coat matches the eyes perfectly). Plus, don’t forget how temperamental those Chihuahuas can be. If you look at a Chihuahua wrong they will nip at your ankles with razor sharp teeth. That is exactly how Napoleon was, temperamental.


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