Florida’s Transportation System Sucks

Florida transportation system is horrible for those individuals that do not own a car. About a year ago, I needed to get to work because I was going to get red of my car. I looked forward to riding the busing system. I hung out at the bus loading area for an entire day and still could not figure out how to get to work when the time came for me to do so. I had to take a brochure from the bus attendant then later call, just to find out the schedule. It took me a week to find out how to get five miles from my house to my job. While taking a little vacation to California, I realized how much better their busing system was. It took me one day to figure out how their system worked. Being a Florida Resident, I can still not comprehend how the transportation system here really works (and I am born and raised here and have tried more than once to figure it out). In the best interest of Florida residents, we need to make improvements. Many residents know not to use the bus system unless they absolutely have to. Because routes are so bad, a person could end up on the other side of town by accident. Improvements must be made on our reads to benefit Florida residents; correcting the complicated transportation system will help traffic conditions and improve convenience.

The first step would be to make the bus systems less complicated and easier to understand. Some states have a wonderful transportation system that works well for them. Florida’s busing system needs major improvements. No one enjoys riding the bus because they do not know exactly where it will take them, unless research is done. All buses have different numbers, even if they are going to the same place. Imagine yourself standing at Walmart and you had to get home to 25th Street. Even with a brochure, it will not help you. You see different bus numbers, but have no idea where they might take you. The routes they take are also strange because they turn onto many different roads. The confusing part is trying to figure out if you can get to where you are trying to go, and the only way to do that is to call and be put on hold. Calling the transportation system every time you leave your house sucks. That is why no one even bothers to ride it at all. All buses should have the same number, for the road that they travel on. The bus should then stay on that road and not turn off. For example, if I needed to get to 25th Street, from Seminole State College, I should have the same number. Once I get to 17 92, I wait for a bus going south and jump on. When the bus driver announces 25th Street, I know I have reached my destination.

By fixing Florida’s bus system, we will also be helping traffic conditions. If we felt it was simple to ride the bus to and from work easily, we would own less cars, and that means less traffic on the road to contend with. That would also mean we wouldn’t have to keep expanding our roads. Roads could stay the size they are and be just as reliable. As many times as Florida has widened the roads, it makes people think they enjoy spending the extra money. I believe residents would love to see fewer accidents, and more open roadways become available. It would also mean that some residents would not have to fork over as much in taxes, to pay for a shuttle service that is not even needed.

However, there are numerous reasons why we should have a convenient bus system. Many individuals would find employment easier. People would have no excuse that they could not work because they do not have a car. Companies would also have more applicants to choice from, meaning better qualified individuals, in the work place. The way the system is now many find getting around town to be extremely hard. The buses do not go down all roads only certain ones. For example, none of the buses go down smaller reads. If someone worked there, they wold have to own a car. It would also make parents and teenagers happy as well. Teens would not feel the need to nag their busy parents to take them to friends’ houses, or on dates when they could easily catch a bus. People would find getting around town much easier and convenient.

Fixing Florida’s transportation system would save many problems. Residents would not have to pay taxes for a railway systems not needed (oops too late). There would be less hassles, and the traffic relief would be tremendous. With this solution, action should be taken to benefit Florida’s citizens.


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